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I love Susan's classes because of how much energy and love I feel when she is teaching. I had done Zumba in the past but began to get a lot more involved with it this past year and that's largely thanks to the encouragement and positive feedback I have received from Susan. As an instructor, she makes sure we feel comfortable and she listens to the needs and suggestions of her students. I remember the first time I told her about a new song and the next week, she had already created a routine for it! She is super enthusiastic and I really appreciate her as my instructor.

- Anabel Cardenas

Working along with Susan will allow anyone to take huge strides in BREAKING THROUGH mentally and physically to reach their goal, which they could probably never do on their own!

- Esther Han

Susan’s pure energy and confidence hovers over everyone within the reach of her uplifting voice... breaking through negative barriers in our mindset and bodily tiredness and, most importantly, making the time FLY!

- Esther Han

I have been a member of Susan’s fitness class since August 2017, and I have become a real fan of her empowering energy and deeply caring personality! Before meeting Susan, my years of failed attempts in finding a permanent exercise solution almost always lagged into procrastination, from lacking time to missing out on motivation.

- Esther Han

I have been attending Susan's Zumba Gold classes for about a year. She is a great instructor, always smiling, has fabulous music to dance to. She is always enthusiastic, and makes the class easy to follow and lots of fun.

I will keep coming back for more. She is the best.

- Shelley Markusoff

I’m in my second season of Barre class with Susan in Mckenzie Towne and I truly enjoy every minute of it! Susan is a motivational ray of sunshine. She always comes to class with a smile on her face and a positive attitude that is undoubtedly contagious. Every week, I leave her class feeling recharged (a feeling I treasure as a stay at home mom) I love how she works each of our bodies and no two classes are the same. I am stronger, happier and more relaxed than when I started. Almost every person from our class signed up for the next and I will continue to do so as long as Susan is teaching!

- Natasha Turner

Susan is a great motivator! She has high energy and enthusiasm, and knows how to get you pumped up to keep pushing through. It's always a sweaty, fun workout with her!

- Jenna Friedt

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Hei Fit is a community of successful, like-minded people who inspire and push each other forward towards their goals. Our group fitness classes are designed to make your workout a success. Most of all, we know how to have fun and make your experience enjoyable so you will keep coming back. learn more…

Disclaimer: We are located in a studio that offers programs to children with disabilities, so please remember to brighten their day and wear a smile!

Bay 12 6325 12 St SE,  Calgary AB T2H 2K1 Canada




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Subscribe to our mailing list and get a "3 Free Class Pass"